Toy store pulls clown costumes off the shelves

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After a week of police reports all over the country confirming that the “killer clown” fad had made its way to Norway, the major toy store chain Ringo is pulling clown costumes off its shelves. The chain told state broadcaster NRK that it doesn’t want to contribute to a trend that has frightened many.

Most of the people dressed up like clowns are not dangerous, even though they’ve scared people from north to south. At least one young clown wannabe in Fredrikstad got his comeuppance, though, when the pedestrian he scared reacted by knocking him to the ground. Police at the scene described it as “well-deserved.”

In other cases, people dressed like clowns have brandished knives and clubs and acted in a threatening manner, police have reported. Other local toy stores selling clown costumes have also withdrawn them, and advise customers to find something else to wear to upcoming Halloween parties. staff