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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Norway considers jailing pedophiles separately

As registered sexual assaults on children continue to rise in Norway and worldwide, calls are going out to jail Norwegian pedophiles separately from other prisoners. They’re said to rank lowest within the prison population and can be subjected to attacks or worse.

Debate rose this week after a 55-year-old Norwegian man, who’d been convicted of repeated attacks on mostly young boys, was murdered by a fellow inmate at the high-security Ringerike Prison near Hønefoss. A former convict told newspaper Aftenposten that he was surprised more pedophiles hadn’t been killed earlier.

“I’d bet that around half of all violence that occurs in Norwegian prisons could have been avoided if we didn’t have to be jailed together with pedophile offenders,” Freddy Hulback, who has served prison time for two murders, told Aftenposten. “Several times I’ve known young men convicted of violence who’ve been open about being assaulted as children, and then they get jailed together with pedophiles. The problem is that the prison guards demand we all live together (in prison) and respect one another, but it doesn’t work like that.”

Hulback said he’s often witnessed major conflicts flare between inmates convicted of sexual assault and other criminals. “If society wants an end to violence in the prisons, the smartest thing to do would be to separate those convicted of assaults on children from others.”

The 55-year-old killed last weekend had tried to hide the reason for his conviction from fellow prisoners. Now prison authorities are investigating whether his murder was ordered from someone on the outside. His alleged murderer, who already was serving a homicide sentence, has so far refused to answer prosecutors’ questions. staff



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