Half of all refugees in Norway have jobs

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Just over half of the refugees in Norway aged 25-54 have jobs, reports state statistics bureau SSB (Statistics Norway). That compares to around 80 percent of the Norwegian population in the same age group.

News bureau NTB reported this week that SSB’s numbers were from the fourth quarter of 2015, when a refugee influx to Norway reached its peak. Among all refugees aged 15 to 74, 47 percent were employed, compared to 66 percent of Norwegians.

The numbers reflect integration challenges and how residence time in Norway affects employment rates. Refugees who had been in Norway for more than 20 years had the highest rates of employment, with around 60 percent working full time. That number rose to 70 percent among refugees who were younger than 19 when they arrived in Norway.

Education levels also play a key role in employment. More than half of all refugees in Norway only have primary school educations, lessening their chances of finding work.

newsinenglish.no staff