Southern Norway braced for rainy weekend

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State meteorologists were warning residents of Southern Norway, especially the area from Kragerø to Kristiansand known as Sørlandet, to prepare for more intense rain during the weekend. The heavy rain can also cause more damage and flooding.

The area is still mopping up after severe flooding just three weeks ago. Now flood warnings were posted again, at their next-highest level.

“The most rain will come in areas along the coast, from Friday afternoon and for the next 72 hours,” state meteorologist Bjart Eriksen told state broadcaster NRK. The county of Aust-Agder was once again told to brace for the worst.

Heavy rain was also predicted in the Oslo area both Saturday and Sunday. The low-pressure system settling over Norway can bring from 70- to 150 millimeters of rain along the southern coast from Lindesnes to Tønsberg. staff