Blizzard warnings up for Southern Norway

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Norway’s state meteorological institute was warning that “enormous” amounts of precipitation are expected in Sørlandet (along the southern coast) and Østlandet (the southeastern portions of the country) on Wednesday. As much as 40 centimeters of snow was predicted for various areas of the Agder counties.

“The snow can start falling this evening (Tuesday) and last through the afternoon on Wednesday,” state meteorologist Bjart Eriksen told state broadcaster NRK on Tuesday afternoon.

Coastal areas were due to get up to 15 centimeters of snow, as a low-pressure system moved in from the south but temperatures remained cold. Inland areas were told to brace for much more snow.

Eriksen said temperatures were expected to rise late Wednesday, however, and the precipitation would turn into rain. Sleet and rain were predicted in most of Sørlandet, which is still recovering from flooding earlier this autumn, “We’ve sent out warnings for heavy rain on Wednesday and Thursday,” Eriksen added.

Warnings were også posted for slippery roads and hazardous driving conditions in the mountains and along the coast. Stong winds were also forecast for late Thursday night. staff