Professor faces dismissal over sexual harassment

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A professor at the University of Stavanger (UiS) faced being fired this week, as university officials announced a case against him calling for his dismissal. Website Khrono, which covers the education sector, reported that the case would be handled by the university’s board on Friday.

The professor has been accused on multiple occasions of sending offensive text messages to female students and for sexual harassment. The university confirmed on its own website Monday that Professor Nils Rune Langeland had been warned that his pending dismissal would be handled by the board’s employment commission on November 24.

Newspaper Rogalandsavis reported that Langeland has a track record of attracting complaints, and it peaked last summer when several women went public with their own accounts of his alleged harassment. In August, UiS Rector Marit Boyesen announced he would not be teaching this year and would conduct research instead. Langeland himself disagreed with the change in his work status.

He’s been on the faculty at UiS since 2008. staff