Tractor spreads holiday greetings

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A Norwegian farmer who drives his tractor with great precision has carved out a special holiday greeting on a snow-covered field that he hopes can be spread worldwide. It is, after all, written in English.

Last year Vemund Hagen drove his tractor over a field in the valley known as Gudbrandsdalen and carefully wrote out the words God jul, the Norwegian version of “Merry Christmas.”

This year, he and his buddy Ivar Brandvol decided to take their message to a more international audience. Not only was that more complicated, it required lots more practice.

“It’s of course much more difficult to write ‘Merry Christmas’ than ‘God jul,’” Hagen told local newspaper Dølen. “So we had to work on it.”

They did, and after finding a pristine field in Vinstra in Telemark, they went to work. The result can be seen here: staff