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Sunday, June 16, 2024

Police track down party vandals

Police in Romerike northeast of Oslo have launched a major investigation into who was behind a wild party at a local home that ended with the house being trashed by vandals. One minor has admitted to the damage he caused, and police are tracking down others via social media.

Police were called to the house at Nes in Romerike on the evening of December 26, after neighbours complained of excessive noise. The day is mostly set aside for family Christmas gatherings, but police were confronted with teenagers who were, in their words, “completely out of control.”

The owner of the home was not present but as many as 80 youth were, some of them as young as 14. They’d apparently been “invited” to the house by someone with access to it, became intoxicated and proceeded to smash inventory, throw a large wide-screen TV out of a window, empty closets of clothing and strew it around the yard, and empty the contents of a fire extinguisher indoors.

“One person under the age of 18 has admitted to throwing the TV out of the house,” local sheriff Bernt Ingar Jahren told state broadcaster NRK. The situation was so chaotic and so many youth were involved that his office has put five investigators on the case.

Several of the party-goers are believed to have taken part in the vandalism. It remained unclear who arranged the party and how they gained access to keys to the house. Only two adults live there, “and we still don’t know who was there to open the door,” Jahren told NRK. staff



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