Military fights to shut down fish farm

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Norway’s defense department (Forsvaret) wants authorities to shut down a fish farming operation off the coast just north of Bergen. It claims the operation creates noise that disturbs its efforts to track foreign submarines or other vessels in the area.

The salmon and trout producing company Blom Fiskeoppdrett AS has so far fended off the attack on its operations at Laksevika in the Herdle Fjord. It has prevailed against the military offense in court, most recently in the appeals court known as Gulating lagmannsrett, and has thus continued raising fish as part of Norway’s large seafood industry.

Now, reports news bureau ABC Nyheter, the military has confirmed it will appeal the latest court decision in the fish farm’s favour to Norway’s Supreme Court (Høyesterett). ABC Nyheter reported that the military still believes its operations make it difficult to guard against infiltration of potentially hostile vessels, and thus violate national security interests. staff