Four cars burned in residential area

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Godlia is an otherwise quiet, well-established residential neighbourhood on Oslo’s east side, known for white picket fences and nice homes. Late Saturday night, however, four cars parked on the same street suddenly began to burn.

State broadcaster NRK reported that Arvid Ellingsen was among those awakened just before 3am Sunday by the sound of an explosion. When he looked outside, four cars were burning, joined quickly by the blue lights of a major emergency response.

“The flames shot up four- to five meters in the air,” Ellingsen told NRK. Firefighters quickly gained control over the blazes and prevented them from spreading to nearby homes.

Police suspect arson. It’s not the first time Oslo has been hit by car fires, and police wouldn’t speculate whether the growing phenomenon in neighbouring Sweden is spreading to Norway. Police searched the area but had no suspects, staff