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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Employers plan to hire more workers

Employment prospects are looking up again in Norway. A new survey shows that many companies are planning to do more hiring by the end of the year, while employers in four out of five reagions in Norway plan to increase staffing.

The outlook for jobs in several sectors, especially oil and gas, continues to brighten, according to a new labour market survey. PHOTO: Statoil/Equinor

“Employers looking for new talent will need to prepare for tough competition,” Maalfrid Brath, chief executive of ManpowerGroup in Norway, told news bureau NTB. Unemployment is running at less than 3 percent in Norway, and some employers may face challenges in finding the talent and competence they need.

Manpower just released its annual arbeidsbarometer, a survey over job prospects for 2018, and it shows that more companies are planning to increase staffing than cut back. That’s a welome change from the past few years, after a dramatic fall in the price of oil in 2014 set off an economic downturn in Norway, where the health of the oil industry has great consequences for the rest of the economy as well.

Oil prices have since recovered, the industry and companies servicing it are much more active, and that’s spilling over into other sectors. Hotels, restaurants, and oil and gas firms are among those planning the most expansion, along with businesses in the banking and finance industries.

“We see that optimism continues to spread among most sectors,” Brath told NTB. Employees can also expect more stability where they’re now working: The vast majority of employers, fully 84 percent, intend to maintain their present workforces. That suggests an end to several years of cutbacks in many sectors.

Another 9 percent of employers surveyed plan to hire more workers before New Year, while only 6 percent plan to decrease staffing. Berglund



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