Record warmth in Bergen

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Summer apparently isn’t over yet, with clear, sunny weather in much of Southern Norway and rain on the West Coast giving way to warm sunshine as well. So warm, that it set another record on Thursday.

“Bergen has been lucky today,” state meteorologist Geir Ottar Fagerli told state broadcaster NRK on Thursday. “The warm spell hasn’t hit everywhere, but it sure has here.”

He could confirm that the official temperature of 23.8C (well over 70F) recorded on Thursday afternoon made it the warmest October day in Bergen since temperatures started being logged in 1905. Other areas around Bergen were also reporting unusually warm weather, with 21.3 at Bergen’s airport, 21.1 in Etne and 21 in Austevoll.

The fine weather wasn’t expected to last long: Norway’s meteorologic institute was predicting lots more rain this weekend over most of Hordaland and Sogn og Fjordane, setting off more warnings for floods and landslides. staff