Mountain still moving, warnings maintained

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State geologists were reporting “enormous speed” on Monday in the movement of an unstable mountainside at Rauma in Romsdal. The portion of the mountain range known as Veslemannen shifted as much as a full meter, prompting officials to maintain “red alert” warnings of a major rockslide into the valley below.

Heavy rain that also set off major flooding in the counties of Hordaland, Sogn og Fjordane and Oppland has also hit the steep, rocky mountains of Romsdal. Geologists who are closely monitoring the mountain said movement increased Sunday evening after all the precipitation.

“We see that the mountain is now reacting quickly,” Gustav Pless, a geologist at state agency NVE, told reporters on Monday. “Four to five hours after it began to rain we saw a powerful response from the mountain.”

The movement peaked at around 3am and has since slowed but evacuation orders remain for the farms located at the bottom of the mountainside. Official danger warnings were also kept at their highest “red alert” level. staff