Germans landed with drugs on board

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A local court ordered two German citizens to be held in custody on Wednesday for another four weeks. They were first arrested along with a third German on October 8, after landing at the Kjeller airport in Romerike in a small plane that had large quantities of hash, amphetamines and cocaine on board.

One of the three men admitted to charges of smuggling, while the two others who served as pilots denied the charges against them. Two other men, both Norwegian citizens, were later arrested at an address in downtown Oslo. One of them has been described as a “nightclub personality” in the Norwegian capital who’s earlier been involved in smuggling but denies he ordered the narcotics found on the plane.

“Five people have been held in custody,” Prosecutor Camilla Ek Sørensen told state broadcaster NRK on Wednesday. “Two remain in custody while three have been released,” including the two Norwegians.

The plane the Germans arrived in took off from an airport in Northern Germany on October 8 and landed later the same day at Kjeller, northeast of Oslo. Police are now trying to determine who was supposed to receive the narcotics when they arrived in Norway, and whether such flights have arrived earlier. staff