Bomb suspect held in prison

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A Norwegian man in his early 40s from Skedsmo was ordered held during the weekend for at least four weeks in prison, charged with sending a bomb to the main police station for Norway’s eastern police district. He appealed the custody order immediately.

The man has a long record of vandalism, sexual assault and hatred for the police. The police station in Ski was evacuated and cordoned off last Thursday when employees in the mailroom discovered a suspicious package that turned out to contain a so-called “improvised explosive device (IED),” set to detonate upon opening the package.

Police declared that the IED was meant to cause extensive damage, injure and kill people around it. The suspect, however, denies he sent the bomb and claims he’s been persecuted by the police for the past 10 years,

A court in Halden, however, agreed to prosecutors’ request that he be held in isolation while they continue to investigate the case against him. staff