Norwegian Air workers lost in court

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Norway’s Supreme Court ruled this week that Norwegian Air Shuttle, parent company of the fast-growing Oslo-based Norwegian Air, does not have employer responsibility for its pilots and cabin crew working on its aircraft. They’re employed by subsidiaries that have responsibility instead, the court ruled.

It’s a blow for the employees and their unions, which claimed Norwegian Air Shuttle was shirking its considerable employee responsibility in Norway. Pilots are now formally employed by Norwegian Pilot Services Norway AS, while cabin crews are employed by Norwegian Cabin Services Norway AS.

Norway’s highest court (Høyesterett) disagreed that the subsidiaries pulverize Norwegian Air’s responsibility, with Norwegian Air Shuttle thus prevailing with its view in the long-running court case.

“We are very satisfied with the verdict,” Norwegian Air Shuttle spokesman Lasse Sandaker-Nielsen told news bureau NTB. “Norwegian has been through a strong growth phase and built up a global airline based in Norway. With the Supreme Court decision, the company and its employees can together work towards the best for both passengers, employees and the company.” staff