Salmonella confirmed in ‘Exotic Mix’

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A mixture of dried fruits imported from Italy has been confirmed to contain the salmonella bacteria that likely sickened several Norwegians aged two to 91 earlier this winter. The mixture was pulled from the market on March 6.

Investigators interviewing some of those who became ill noticed that three of them had in their homes open packages of the so-called Eksotisk Miks imported by Norwegian fruit and vegetable wholesales Bama. Test results now conclude that the mixture with the same LOT number was infected with salmonella.

The same type of salmonella was found in 21 people, and suspected in another 14 all over Norway. Investigators from food safety agency Mattilsynet, the public health institute Folkehelseinstituttet, the state veterinarian institute and local health care offices cooperated to find the source of the outbreak. staff