Meat producer slashes jobs

Nortura, the Norwegian farmers’ coop that regulates the meat market, confirmed Tuesday that 147 workers will lose their jobs at meat-packing plants in Steinkjer and Stavanger. Both plants are being closed, with operations set to be merged into a new facility in Tønsberg. The 79 workers i Steinkjer in Trøndelag and 68 workers in Stavanger […]

Norwegian chef wins European gold

Christian André Pettersen secured a gold medal for Norway’s team of top chefs at the European Championships of the Bocuse d’Or competition in Tallinn. He led a team that served a Norwegian menu they were sure would go down well. It did, featuring delicacies like smoked quail, potato ravioli and crayfish sauce. There were 16 […]

Michelin stars out-shine grumpy MP

A grumpy politician from the Center Party, which normally protects and promotes Norwegian food, didn’t manage to spoil all the jubilation over new Michelin stars shining on Norwegian restaurants. Geir Pollestad, a Member of Parliament, wound up as the sour grape amidst the restaurants’ sweet success. Most other politicians and local patriots were cheering a […]

‘Food production must be changed’

Norwegians must join the rest of the world in eating less meat, and stop developing untouched natural areas, declared Norway’s government minister in charge of climate and environmental issue on Thursday. Ola Elvestuen was reacting to the UN Climate Panel’s report that calls for radical changes in how food is produced. The report stresses that […]

Norway’s food now priciest in Europe

It probably comes as no surprise to Norwegian consumers, but a new survey confirms that food price levels in Norway are on average 63 percent higher than they are in 28 European countries. Norway tops price statistics compiled by the EU’s statistics service Eurostat. Norway’s own statistics bureau SSB (Statistics Norway) also pointed out that […]

Nordland tourists unimpressed by Provence

Norwegian tourism promoters have long been trying to get more Norwegians to spend their summer holidays at home in Norway. A group of tourists from Northern Norway may well do so next year, after being so disturbed after a holiday in Provence that one of them felt compelled to write about it in the local […]

Norwegians eating less red meat

Around one out of every four Norwegians say they’re choosing to eat less meat because of climate concerns and the emissions tied to meat production. That’s showing up in sales statistics. Red meat sales have fallen by more than 600 tons so far this year compared to last year, according to numbers from research firm […]

Salmonella confirmed in ‘Exotic Mix’

A mixture of dried fruits imported from Italy has been confirmed to contain the salmonella bacteria that likely sickened several Norwegians aged two to 91 earlier this winter. The mixture was pulled from the market on March 6. Investigators interviewing some of those who became ill noticed that three of them had in their homes […]

Salmonella alarm tied to ‘exotic mix’

Norway’s fruit and produce supplier Bama has recalled an “Exotic Mix” of dried fruit and nuts, after at least 21 people in 10 Norwegian counties have been infected by salmonella. Several of them had eaten the product labelled as Eksotisk miks. It was still too early to conclude whether the fruit and nut mixture sold […]

Trondheim ready for new food pilgrims

The Norwegian city of Trondheim has drawn pilgrims to its Nidaros Cathedral for centuries. Now food worshippers are likely to make pilgrimages as well, after two of its restaurants finally won Michelin stars Monday night. They’re the first Michelin stars for the seaside city that’s surrounded by hills and farmland. They recognize what locals have […]