Greens keen to reform chicken industry

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Norway’s climate-friendly Greens Party wants to curb industrial production of chicken. Its youth group won broad approval at the party’s recent annual meeting for “drastic” reforms.

Norway didn’t have much of a chicken industry until the mid-1990s, when it finally became possible to buy chicken breasts in grocery stores. Before that, only fresh whole chickens could be bought at specialty shops.

Now a full line of drumsticks, thighs and other chicken parts are available and at lower prices, but the Greens are far from ethusiastic. Hulda Holtvedt, national spokesperson for the party’s youth organization Grønn Ungdom, blasted “production-line” chicken and demanded that poultry ranchers should “either give chickens good, dignified lives or you should produce other food.”

She criticized chicken production as “a prime example of intense, indoor animal production using imported chicken feed.” staff