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Friday, February 23, 2024

Minister scolds animal rights activists

Norway’s agriculture minister claims the country’s meat industry has no reason to be ashamed and that rising criticism of it can be taken out of perspective. Her comments came after a group of animal rights activists chained themselves last week to the gate of a slaughterhouse in Eidsvoll.

Around 50 activists had turned up demanding to enter and observe the slaughtering process. They and many others have been outraged by reports that animals earlier had not been put to sleep before the process began, and by a recent documentary showing widespread animal abuse at many farms around the country.

Agriculture Minister Olaug Bollestad of the Christian Democrats was upset by the documentary as well, and by rising cases of abuse and poor conditions uncovered by Norway’s food safety authority. She insisted, however, that Norway ranks high in animal welfare internationally and that “there’s no reason for anyone to be ashamed of buying Norwegian eggs, dairy products and meat.”

Police ended up clipping the chains of six demonstrators who refused to leave the entry to the slaughterhouse, and prevented trucks from delivering animals. staff



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