Spectacular weekend weather cools down

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Warm winds from the Mediterranean got the credit for one of the most beautiful weekends of the year, weather-wise, all over Southern Norway. The sun shone down from a brilliant blue sky, sending thermometers up to 22C in Oslo on Saturday.

While folks in Northern Norway shivered on both Saturday and Sunday, with a blend of rain, sleet and snow, a unique line of demarcation literally cut the country in two just north of Trøndelag. There was little sign of autumn from Bergen to Trondheim to Fredrikstad. A gentle breeze also lured sailboats back out on the Oslo Fjord.

Cooler winds blew in late Sunday, and along with them came overcast skies Monday morning. Temperatures dipped to single digits at night and 13-15C during the day on Monday, so there were more sweaters and jackets seen on the streets as autumn finally sets in.

newsinenglish.no staff