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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Winter wonderland awaits in the hills

PHOTO FEATURE: There wasn’t much snow in the downtown area during the New Year’s week, but residents of Oslo only need to head for the hills around the Norwegian capital to find a winter wonderland and plenty of possibilities for skiing. We checked out some of the areas closest to town, and easily accessible on both the Frognerseteren and Sognsvann metro lines.

This young skier seemed a bit uncertain before heading out on the groomed ski trails that begin from both Sognsvann and Frognerseteren. The snow was a bit hard around Sognsvann’s trailhead, but gets better farther up what Norwegians call the skiløype.

There was no lack of snow or skiers higher up at Frognerseteren, always a popular spot on weekends and holidays. Those who don’t ski can simply wander down footpaths from the end of the metro line to the old timber lodge that bears the Frognerseteren name, where they can ease the chill with warm drinks and apple cake. Sleds are also available for rent.

Here near Tryvann, the lake below and just north of Frognerseteren, skiing conditions were fine. Trail signs mark the way for both skiing (in red) and biking in the spring, summer and fall.

Lots of skiers enjoy taking the metro from the city up to Frognerseteren first, then ski down to Ullevålseter for a snack, before finishing farther down at Sognsvann, where metro trains are almost always warm and waiting to take trekkers back to town. God tur! And Godt nyttår (Happy New Year) to all our readers!




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