New runway subject to legal test

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Norway’s Greens Party, encouraged by how a court decision ruled against a new runway at Heathrow airport in London( LHR), is now keen to take runway expansion plans at Oslo’s main airport to court as well. The Greens claim that building a new runway at OSL Gardermoen would also violate climate laws.

Greens spokesman Arild Hermstad called last week’s decision by a British appeals court to halt construction of a new LHR runway “an important victory for the climate” that can have “great consequences also in Norway.”

He and his party believe OSL Gardermoen’s plan for a third runway also needs to be tested in court, if the government doesn’t simply scrap the airport’s request. Airports agency Avinor has claimed that the new runway is needed to handle expected traffic growth by 2030, with the project still in the planning stages.

The Greens and other climate activists want to reduce airline traffic and dramatically cut emissions instead. staff