Officials change their minds about masks

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Norway’s public health institute FHI has “updated” its recommendations about face masks. It’s now asking everyone either suspected of or confirmed as being infected with the Corona virus to use a mask (called munnbind in Norwegian).

Norwegian authorities had earlier said that only primary health care workers should use the masks. That was before Norway received a bigger supply of the masks and before FHI (Folkehelseinstituttet) studied the latest scientific articles evaluating the effect of face masks.

FHI still doesn’t think everyone needs a mask, with the exception of people believed to have, or confimed with, the Corona illness COVID-19, not least during transport to health care institutions. Everyone else should refrain from using masks that FHI noted have “limited effect” and don’t last long.

Norwegians were urged not to buy masks that are needed by the health services (those identified as “class II” or “IIR”). staff