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Friday, February 23, 2024

Moose disrupted airport operations

A Widerøe Airlines flight from Lofoten to Bodø was delayed Tuesday morning after three large moose were found wandering around the terminal area and near the runway. Airport officials were baffled over how the large animals managed to get into the airport at Leknes, which is entirely fenced off.

“There are no holes in the two-meter-high fence that goes around the entire airport,” Richard Mathisen, who works in the airport’s tower, told state broadcaster NRK. “They must have jumped over it.”

Staff managed to corner the moose, two large males with full antlers and one female, without stressing or spooking them. The moose were then let out through a gate, allowing the delayed flight to take off.

Mathisen said he and his colleagues have dealt with foxes, rabbits, cats and large birds at the airport, but never moose. A local moose expert and researcher at the Norsk institutt for naturforskning said he wasn’t surprised: “There are more moose in Northern Norway and that means they’ll constantly be entering new areas,” Christer Moe Rolandsen told NRK. “Sooner or later they’ll jump over fences, too.” staff



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