‘Sinnataggen’ back in place

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Norway’s cherished statue of an angry little boy called “Sinnataggen” is back in its place in the Vigelands Park section of Oslo’s Frogner Park. The statue was vandalized again earlier this month, when someone tried to saw through the little boy’s left ankle.

“We have received many messages from the public that they missed the statue and hoped repairs were going well,” Jarle Stømodden, leader of the nearby Vigeland Museum, told news service NTB. “We’re very glad that Sinnataggen is in good shape and back in his usual place.”

The statue, one of the most-visited and photographed in the park, was lifted from its spot and brought in for examination and conservation on April 6. Someone did manage to saw through Sinnataggen’s ankle and steal the statue on New Year’s Eve 1991-92. It was later recovered, only to be vandalized in a similar fashion again in 2004. The statue has since been under discreet video surveillance and police are investigating the latest incident.

newsinenglish.no staff