Local politician cleared of corruption charges

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A court covering a wide area northeast of Oslo acquitted the former mayor of Nittedal,  Hilde Thorkildsen of the Labour Party, and a local businessman this week. Both had been charged with corruption, with Thorkildsen indicted for having been involved in cases that involved the businessman, who earlier had transferred NOK 125,000 to a company that was partly owned by her.

“I am very relieved that I was believed,” Thorkildsen told state broadcaster NRK. Her case had come up at a time when a string of other politicians also have been questioned or even jailed in corruption cases and for misusing  benefits.  Thorkildsen had asked to be suspended from her mayor’s role until the case was resolved.

Both she and the businessman, had denied that the payment had anything to do with his rezoning and development of a new residential area of Nittedal, a rural community north Oslo. Prosecutors had sought 18-month jail terms, and were considering an appeal.

newsinenglish.no staff