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Monday, July 22, 2024

Drones used ‘to create fear and uncertainty’

Norwegian police believe scare tactics are behind a recent rash of unidentified drones seen flying around offshore installations and power plants. The police continue to work with defense forces and suspect the drones are being used to spread fear.

The motive, according to Amund Revheim of the Sør-Vest Police District, can be “to create fear and uncertainty over what this really is. It’s natural to think in that direction.” Revheim confirmed that the number of drone sightings reported to the police “is considerably higher than what’s been in the media.”

He said around 30 people who’ve reported seeing drones have been questioned so far. The police are following up on reports coming in but have no suspects and seem keen to downplay the situation. In some cases they don’t think people saw drones but other lights or even unusually bright stars of late.

Defense forces are now out patrolling offshore platforms, especially after large drones were seen flying close to oil rigs. It’s difficult to stop them, apart from shooting them down with laser, capturing them in a net, finding whoever is sending them up or confusing the drones’ steering systems. staff



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