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Saturday, February 24, 2024

Four jailed after subway stabbing

Four young men were ordered held in jail on Monday, charged in the stabbing of a 16-year-old boy on board the Oslo metro (T-banen) Saturday evening. The stabbing shocked fellow passengers, some of whom are credited with saving the teenager’s life with emergency first aid at the scene.

The stabbing occurred on board one of Oslo’s new metro trains like this one, just before arrival at the underground Tøyen station. PHOTO:

The stabbing occurred on a metro train headed from downtown to the busy underground station at Tøyen. One witness told state broadcaster NRK that those involved boarded the train in two groups, and that a commotion broke out right after the victim sat down. Then another young man approached, carrying a knife.

At that point many on board the train reportedly pulled back in fear, while the “aggressive” people involved got off at the next stop, according to NRK’s witness. The victim was still seated, along with another, when someone yelled that the boy was wounded, bleeding from his leg and chest.

“It’s important for us to hail the public’s contribution at the scene,” prosecutor Christian Stenberg told NRK on Sunday. “We can see that they performed some important first aid that was very meaningful.” Alarms were sounded, the train stopped at Tøyen and police and ambulance personnel arrived quickly. The victim was rushed to hospital where he underwent surgery after being described by his court-appointed defense attorney as seriously wounded. He regained consciousness on Sunday and was expected to survive.

The stabbing brought the entire metro system to a halt while police launched their investigation on board the train, which blocked the line for others. The four men now charged reportedly had taken a taxi to an apartment building where they were later arrested and charged with attempted murder. All deny the charges against them. A fifth man charged as an accessory also denies guilt.

“It was a bloodbath,” one witness told NRK. “People were in shock. There were some children on the train. No one expected to see a young boy stabbed.” He described the experience as “traumatic.” It’s the latest in a series of violent incidents in Oslo over the past several months, most of them related to gang rivalry. staff




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