Norway plays a role in ‘No Time to Die’

Norwegian scenery is once again flashing across the silver screen, this time in the new James Bond film “No Time to Die” that’s finally been released after a lengthy Corona-related delay. A frozen lake along with coastal and forest scenes all play a role, after location shooting from the hills around Oslo to a highway […]

It had to come: A dictionary of drunkenness

There are at least 330 words in the Norwegian language that describe the state of being drunk. Documentation of this sobering fact has just been released in the form of Norway’s first dictionary of synonyms for drunkenness, Norsk fylleordbok. It’s authored by  Ole Marius Hylland, a culture historian at Telemarksforskning, a Norwegian research institute. If […]

Two centuries of flag-waving

NEWS ANALYSIS: It’s been 200 years since Norway got the red, white and blue flag that Norwegians need few excuses to fly. On Constitution Day on the 17th of May the flag is everywhere, but throughout its history Norway’s flag has also been a source of controversy. The photo above was taken while driving by […]

Carew heads into crime comedy

Former Norwegian football star John Carew has joined a new team: He’ll break into Oslo’s new Munch museum next year as a member of Olsenbanden, a gang of mostly harmless movie bandits. Since retiring from football in 2013, Carew has launched an acting career. He’s been involved in a handful of movies, including a supporting […]

Norway tops press freedom index again

Norway and the other Nordic countries enjoy the highest levels of press freedom in the world, according to a survey by Reporters Without Borders, an international watchdog group. Its annual ranking of 180 countries also found that independent journalism is fully or partly blocked in 73 percent of them.  Norway tops the ranking for the […]

Oil Fund kept on earning in crisis

Norway’s huge sovereign wealth fund fueled by oil revenues reached more dizzying heights last year, also in the midst of the Corona crisis. It now tops an international list as the biggest in the world, despite the government’s biggest withdrawals ever to fund crisis aid packages. Figures released last week by the Sovereign Wealth Fund […]

Exploring the new and old Drammen

Tell your Norwegian friends you’re going on a mini-holiday in Drammen during these Corona times of restricted travel, and they’ll most likely roll their eyes. Also likely: They don’t know what they’re missing, because Drammen is a place off Norway’s tourism radar and where out-of towners seldom think to stop and stay. Drammen used to […]

Norway hails rebel-author Bjørneboe

KRISTIANSAND: Norwegians are marking 100 years of their controversial author Jens Bjørneboe (1920-1976), who spent much of his brief but noisy life challenging authorities and conventions with memorable passion. Special events honouring Bjørneboe have been taking place around the country all year, culminating on October 9, which would have been Bjørneboe’s 100th birthday. Even his native […]

Molde celebrates jazz despite Corona

Molde Jazz was opening Monday in a scaled-down version, even though it’s celebrating its 60th anniversary. Corona restrictions will limit audiences in Molde, with veteran Karin Krog expecting that she’ll be singing for about as many people at this festival as she did at the first one in 1960. Krog, now 83 years old herself, […]

New ‘Knerten’ movie rides to the rescue

Norwegian cinemas are hoping that Knerten, a piece of wood with a strong personality, will help carry them through a difficult summer season. While numerous movie launches have been delayed because of the Corona crisis, the latest sequel to the popular Knerten series for children will make its premiere earlier than planned, to meet a […]