Norwegians losing confidence in USA

Increasing numbers of Norwegians want to cooperate less with the United States of America and more with Europe, according to a new survey conducted by the Oslo-based foreign policy institute NUPI. The survey results indicate that Norwegians’ opinions of the US are changing after four years of Donald Trump in the White House. Researcher Øyvind […]

Battling ‘ableism’ along with racism

COMMENTARY: A vision-impaired doctoral candidate at Oslo Metropolitan University questions how a country like Norway, which scores high on the Human Development Index, isn’t more open, inclusive and enlightened on integrating people with impairments into society. It’s time, he suggests, to confront “ableism” as much as racism. **************************************************************** From Minneapolis to Oslo, San Francisco to Stavanger, Boston […]

Oslo opens ‘largest bookshelf’ to visitors

It’s been in the works for more than a decade, enduring controversy, unforeseen building problems, budget overruns and a pandemic. On June 18th Oslo’s new main library was finally opening to the public, under the new name Deichman Bjørvika. Close to NOK 2.5 billion has gone into the project, which Oslo’s City government at one […]

Norway ‘ready’ for UN Security Council

UPDATED: The Corona crisis complicated the last crucial months of Norway’s vigorous campaign for a seat on the UN Security Council, but Foreign Minister Ine Eriksen Søreide was optimistic ahead of voting that begins Wednesday June 17 at the General Assembly. “We’re ready to take on the responsibility,” she told foreign correspondents at a meeting […]

‘From Corona crisis to a new jobs crisis’

Prime Minister Erna Solberg is clearly proud of how Norwegians have withstood the Corona crisis, but now she worries that a new crisis looms. Not all of Norway’s pre-Corona jobs will still be there as the country reopens for business, she warned during the weekend, and economists agree that unemployment looms as the country’s next […]

Travel restrictions eased, somewhat

Norwegians could head into the three-day pinse holiday weekend considering at least a few new travel options this summer. The government has opened the door for business trips within the Nordic area from next week, and for holiday travel to Denmark from June 15, but no one will be allowed to spend the night in […]

Norway caught in squeeze over China

Four years after finally ending a diplomatic freeze with China, Norway has found itself needing to choose sides in new Chinese conflicts, now related to China’s role in the Corona virus crisis. Norway wants to stay on good terms with everyone, but it’s not easy. Norway’s most important allies all back an independent probe of […]

Video: Earlier cheers on the 17th of May

SEE THE VIDEO: Country, colours, ceremony and cheer – that’s what Norway’s Constitution Day celebrations on the 17th of May are usually all about. Everything is different this year, because of the Corona crisis, so we put together a look at earlier celebrations that also show why the 17th of May is so important, and […]

A ‘different’ May 17th remained festive

SEE THE PHOTOS: This year’s celebration of Norway’s annual Constitution Day holiday on the 17th of May will go down in history for its cancelled parades, scaled-down ceremonies and Corona virus-induced social distancing. It remained festive in the capital, though, as Norwegians made the best of a difficult situation. Spirits were definitely raised when the […]

Oslo Fjord ailing as birds die, fish gone

Something is seriously wrong with the Oslo Fjord and no one seems to fully understand why. Both fish and mussels have been disappearing, while the fjord’s characteristic seabirds known as ærfugl (common eider) have been found dead from Agder in the south to Østfold farther north. Newspaper Dagsavisen has reported that the dead birds are […]