Bergen celebrates its 950-year jubilee

Norway’s popular and historic west coast city of Bergen launched a year of celebrations over the weekend. It’s been 950 years since Viking King Olav Kyrre founded the city (albeit as Bjørgvin) in 1070, and that’s not about to pass without a few big parties. Crown Prince Haakon was there on Saturday for the  launch, […]

Regional mergers alter Norway’s map

Hundreds of thousands of Norwegians woke up living in a new town or county after New Year, many with new addresses. New county- and municipal mergers started taking effect all over the country, after a long and sometimes bitter process. News bureau NTB calculated that a total of 1.7 million Norwegians now officially live in […]

Royals adorn ‘real’ homes nationwide

PHOTO FEATURE: So much for all the recent hype about uncluttered Norwegian design, architecturally spectacular homes in Norway, and criticism of the Norwegian monarchy. A new book offers rare insight into how Norwegians really live, and how affection for the royals through generations is reflected in homes from north to south and in between. The […]

Winter wonderland awaits in the hills

PHOTO FEATURE: There wasn’t much snow in the downtown area during the New Year’s week, but residents of Oslo only need to head for the hills around the Norwegian capital to find a winter wonderland and plenty of possibilities for skiing. We checked out some of the areas closest to town, and easily accessible on […]

‘Hytte’ dream stirs climate nightmare

Hundreds of thousands of Norwegians have celebrated the New Year at the family hytte (holiday cabin) in the mountains. Concerns are rising, however, that ongoing construction to fulfill dreams of hytte ownership is chipping away at Norway’s unspoiled nature, and generating more carbon emissions because of all the driving back and forth. Hytte-skam (cabin shame) is […]

Norwegians and Swedes face off

Rivalry and friendship between Norwegians and Swedes extends back over the centuries, but recently their embassies in Stockholm and Oslo got curious: What do they really think about one another today? Surveys were launched and the latest batch of results suggests a lack of insight into just how important bilateral relations are. Newspaper Aftenposten reports […]

An oak tree in Ås adorns Erna’s cards

Lots of Norwegians likely spent time this weekend writing traditional Christmas cards and getting them in the post. Prime Minister Erna Solberg and her staff have been doing the same, with this year’s card featuring a wintry scene and an old oak tree in Ås. Norway’s prime minister draws a county name every year to […]

‘A scandal of huge proportions’

“I’ve been convicted of espionage, but I’m no spy,” declared Frode Berg at the outset of his lengthy press conference in Oslo Tuesday evening. The retired border inspector from Kirkenes who’s at the center of one of the biggest intelligence-gathering scandals in Norwegian history made it clear that he thinks Norway’s major intelligence agencies have […]

Ski season opens after surprise snow

PHOTO FEATURE: The lakes aren’t frozen yet, but skiers in many parts of Southern Norway got a welcome surprise after lots of snow fell both before and during the weekend. Trailblazers made their winter debut, in the middle of autumn for a change. Caution is still needed and it may be awhile before skiers can […]

Norway rolls up the welcome mat

New studies show that a solid majority of Norwegians are fed up with mass tourism and want to impose more taxes on tourists, especially those arriving on cruiseships and arranging accommodation through Airbnb. Now even the national employers’ association NHO is calling for major cuts in cruiseship arrivals. The call comes after this week’s release […]