Latest Corona-related news in brief:

BORDER CONTROLS MAY BE REINSTATED in Northern Norway if Corona infection levels continue to rise in the region. Outbreaks in the Tromsø area began last week and local authorities fear seasonal workers from abroad who aren’t vaccinated will add to the problem. Infection levels are back up in the red danger zone in the Troms […]

Defense minister in quarantine

UPDATED: Defense Minister Frank Bakke-Jensen has been among those forced to stay home these days. His ministry confirmed on Tuesday that he’s had to cancel meetings because he may have been exposed to the Corona virus, and then exposed others in the government. “It’s now an unclear situation,” the ministry reported on its website. “Until more […]

Corona spoils the Holmenkollen party

One of Norway’s biggest outdoor parties of the year has been spoiled at the last minute, after local authorities ordered a shutdown of all arenas for Oslo’s annual Holmenkollen Ski Festival and World Cup competition this weekend. The ski races and ski jumping will go on, but the grandstands will remain empty after the public […]

Norway loses a ‘national treasure’

Jahn Teigen was mostly known as a pop singer, perhaps even a laughable one at that, not least when he dressed up in skeleton costumes or green tights. He became all but immortal for scoring zero points when representing Norway at a Eurovision Song Contest, but that only made him even more endearing at home. […]

Happy holidays to all of our readers

Prime Minister Erna Solberg is likely among those hoping to enjoy a few days of “julefred” (Christmas peace) this week, after a particularly turbulent year. Grey and rather gloomy, rainy weather over much of the country wasn’t helping much to boost holiday spirits, but many including Solberg could at least take some time off. These […]

Digital driver’s license crashes

So many Norwegians wanted to obtain Norway’s new digital driver’s license on Tuesday that they ended up overloading and crashing the state highway department’s system for getting one. They were urged to be patient. “Demand has been very high,” Bodil Rønning Dreyer, director of the highway department (Statens vegvesen), told state broadcaster NRK. She said […]

Fatal dog illness keeps spreading

Norwegian veterinary authorities fear a mysterious and potentially fatal dog illness is spreading quickly around the country. Several hundred dogs are believed to have been infected, and some died before their owners could them to a vet. Cases of dogs suddenly suffering bloody diarrhea and vomiting blood first started being registered in the Oslo area. […]

No options for her royal confirmation

The daughter of Crown Prince Haakon was set to undergo Norwegian teenagers’ rite of passage this weekend, known as konfirmasjon. While record few now choose a church confirmation, opting instead for a civil ceremony or none at all, Princess Ingrid Alexandra has no choice, and some commentators think that’s a problem. The Royal Palace announced […]

Summer in the City hasn’t ended yet

PHOTO FEATURE: Schools are back in session and Norway’s official summer holiday period is long over, but the weather suggests otherwise. State meteorologists are forecasting another heat wave of sorts, and folks were already out enjoying sunshine and warmth over the weekend. Oslo residents flocked to the waterfront again on Sunday, and many dove right […]

New chief takes the helm at Norwegian

It’s official: Bjørn Kjos stepped down as chief executive of Norwegian Air on Thursday and handed over all operating responsibility to finance director Geir Karlsen, who immediately took over as acting CEO. Kjos claims he isn’t retiring, though, from the airline he founded nearly 20 years ago. “I won’t become a pensionist,” Kjos said at […]