Foreign minister allowed to travel

Norway’s strict Corona virus containment rules have kept Foreign Minister Ine Eriksen Søreide from traveling, and arguably doing an important part of her job, but now she’s won a special exemption. Søreide will be able to attend NATO’s ministerial meeting in Brussels next week after all, and meet her new American counterpart, US Secretary of […]

Military still fighting war on harassment

Norway’s defense establishment has targeted bullying and sexual harassment within the armed forces, and mounted major efforts to shoot down both. A new study released last week, however, shows there’s still a long way to go despite success at recruiting and even showcasing more female officers. When thousands of NATO soldiers arrived in Norway for joint […]

New US bombers sound the alarms

NEWS ANALYSIS: It was almost as if air raid alarms suddenly started going off, right after four US bombers landed in Norway for the first time last week. There hadn’t been much warning about the 200 US soldiers who arrived just before the bombers either, and loud political debate over more US military presence on […]

NATO soldier’s death still under probe

Autopsy results have determined that a NATO soldier from the Netherlands died from a heart attack. Military police are nonetheless continuing their investigation after the soldier was found dead in his bed in the Dutch barracks at Målselv on February 13. He has been identitied as Ben Kooyman, age 42. His death has shaken fellow […]

Police investigate Dutch soldier’s death

UPDATED: Both local and military police have launched investigations after a NATO soldier from the Netherlands was found dead in barracks set up for Dutch soldiers at the Skjold military base in Målselv, Northern Norway. A Norwegian defense department official later called it “an unexpected death of a relatively young man.” The body of the […]

Ill-fated frigate now at the scrapyard

Norway’s once-proud frigate, the Helge Ingstad, arrived at its final destination this week. After being towed over the same waters where it collided with a tanker in late 2018 and then sank, the naval vessel that cost NOK 5 billion is ending its days at a scrapyard in Askøy. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported how the […]

US bombers in Norway for first time

In what’s being described as a demonstration of power, American B1 bombers will be taking part in exercises in Norway along with 200 US soldiers based at the Ørland air base for the next month. It’s the first time the so-called “heavy bombers” will operate from Norway but opposition Members of Parliament are not impressed. […]

Corona cancels NATO exercise

NATO’s large annual winter exercise in Norway called “Joint Viking” was halted on Tuesday, because of what Defense Minister Frank Bakke-Jensen called “a demanding infection situation” in the country. Many thought it never should have begun, since it involved the arrival of 3,000 soldiers from abroad in the midst of a pandemic. Bakke-Jensen, who earlier […]

NATO exercise on Corona virus alert

At a time when the Norwegian government is strongly urging against all travel, around 3,000 soldiers from several NATO countries are arriving in Northern Norway this month to take part in annual winter military exercises. A total of 45 had tested positive as of Sunday, but Norway’s defense minister insists there’s no cause for alarm. […]

Defense minister questions spying

Norwegian Defense Minister Frank Bakke-Jensen has taken contact with his Danish counterpart to find out more about alleged spying by the US on Denmark and some of its closest allies. The scope of the US’ alleged spying remains unclear, as does its targets. Bakke-Jensen acted after opposition parties in the Norwegian Parliament demanded more information […]