Norway honoured its wartime veterans

Canons roared at noon and both the king and prime minister were on hand Thursday to honour Norwegian veterans from World War II. Norway’s Veterans Day is traditionally celebrated on Liberation Day, May 8th, but Corona restrictions forced a postponement of the formal ceremonies for wartime heroes. King Harald II, his sister Princess Astrid, Crown […]

Whales evaded a ‘risky’ hearing test

The first season of a Norwegian, American and Danish research project to test the hearing of whales has ended without any results. Not a single whale ventured into what amounted to controversial traps set up at sea just off Lofoten, but the researchers involved insist the project was successful. “Our main goal was to demonstrate […]

Summits can make Norway stronger

NEWS ANALYSIS: When Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg walked into the NATO summit in Brussels last week, she’d already gained more backbone for her government’s own delicate dealings with China. New US President Joe Biden’s willingness to confront and criticize power-hungry Chinese leaders at the G7 summit the day before carried over to the subsequent […]

Norway gets tougher on US’ spying

The Norwegian government toughened its stand against alleged US spying Thursday, calling in US Embassy officials in Oslo to explain themselves. The meeting at Norway’s Defense Ministry was the Norwegian way of expressing its displeasure with what otherwise is the country’s most important ally. Prime Minister Erna Solberg has already stated that espionage against your […]

Norway drops frigate lawsuit

The Norwegian defense ministry has withdrawn its lawsuit against classification society DNV in the wake of its frigate Helge Ingstad’s sinking in November 2018. The ministry had blamed DNV, but the state’s own accident investigation board later blamed poor training of the frigate’s crew instead. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported Thursday on how the defense ministry’s […]

Solberg survives Bergen Engines breakdown

Prime Minister Erna Solberg has avoided a lack of confidence vote in Parliament after she and her justice minister, Monica Mæland, apologized for the government’s lack of preparedness regarding the aborted sale of Bergen Engines this spring. That’s mostly because no one wants to unseat her government just 100 days ahead of the September election. […]

US nuclear sub was met by protests

The US Navy’s nuclear-power submarine USS New Mexico tied up at a civilian harbour just outside Tromsø in Northern Norway on Monday, to a warm welcome from Norwegian defense forces and protests by angry local residents. The latter fear such sub berthings will make their home a target in the event of war, and that […]

Objections explode over US presence

A steady rise in the presence of US troops and military equipment on Norwegian soil looks set to reach a new high, setting off a torrent of objections and angry commentary in both local and national media. Critics claim the Norwegian government, by offering the Americans unprecedented access and liberties, is violating its own base policy […]

Intelligence agency not so intelligent

NEWS ANALYSIS: Norway’s military intelligence agency known as E-tjenesten has reportedly been rebuked by the Parliamentary commission (EOS) that oversees its activities. The government is intent on keeping EOS’ latest report on the agency’s spying activity secret, though, leading many to wonder what the agency, the military and the government have to hide. EOS’ long-awaited […]

Troops start pulling out of Afghanistan

Norway intends to finally start pulling its remaining NATO troops out of Afghanistan from May 1st. The delayed withdrawal comes after the US and NATO confirmed a new coordinated pullout deadline of September 11, 20 years after the terrorist attacks on the US that led to the lengthy and unsuccessful war against terrorism. Norwegian Foreign […]