Navy accused of another near-crash

One of Norway’s major ferry firms, Fjord1, claims that one of its vessels was nearly rammed by one of the Norwegian Navy’s corvettes at high speed last November. Fjord1 has objected to how Navy officials allegedly downplayed the incident afterwards. Fjord1 has sent a report to the Norwegian Maritime Authority (Sjøfartsdirektoratet), claiming that the “near-miss” […]

Moon added to a cruise-ferry’s glow

There are only two nights of the year when one of Color Line’s two cruise-ferries, which run between Oslo and Kiel in Germany, is in port overnight and all lit up: on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. This year, a special moon added to the vessel’ ambiance as the Christmas holidays got underway. Color […]

Ferry revolution now well underway

More than 50 electric ferries will be in service on the fjords around Norway by the end of 2020, reported the state highway department this week. Environmental organization Bellona called it a “fantastic revolution” in a country that relies on ferries as a critical mode of transport. The world’s first battery-driven ferry started sailing in Norway, on the Lavik-Oppedal […]

Ferry fire survivors disappointed again

One of the passengers who survived a fire onboard the car-and passenger ferry Scandinavian Star 27 years ago was among those disappointed again by the latest report on the blaze that killed 159 others. It concluded that there was no evidence of sabotage or arson that was economically motivated. The report by a commission appointed by […]

Color Line sails into choppy seas

The Norwegian cruise-ferry company Color Line has run into some choppy seas over its own efforts to chop crewing costs. The government is offering to ease costly regulations by allowing two of Color Line’s vessels to switch flags to the more liberal Norwegian International Ships (NIS) Registry, but labour unions are complaining that as many as 700 workers on […]

‘Scandinavian Star’ investigation ‘worthless’

Foundations formed by arson experts and survivors and families of those killed in the Scandinavian Star ferry fire 26 years ago refuse, as expected, to accept the conclusions of the investigation that was reopened by the Oslo police in 2014. It determined that the case would be dropped once again, for lack of evidence. Sigurd Klomsæt, […]

‘Scandinavian Star’ drama drags on

Two years after reopening the investigation into the deadly fire on board the Scandinavian Star ferry in 1990, Oslo police have concluded that no new charges will be filed. Protests are expected from the families of those killed in the fire, and from some of those who survived. Newspaper VG reported this week that police […]

‘Scandinavian Star’ fire blamed on sabotage by crew

A foundation prodding a new investigation of the Scandinavian Star ferry fire 26 years ago, backed by claims from a retired Danish maritime inspector, believe that the tragedy was caused by sabotage carried out by crew members as part of a massive insurance swindle. Flemming Thue Jensen, who was sent on board the still-smoldering ferry […]

Drunks threaten border control

Border police and security personnel on board ferries between Norway and Denmark are facing problems trying to carry out Norway’s tough new border control procedures. Many of the passengers are too drunk to find their identification and travel documents, or answer border patrol officers’ questions. It’s holiday party season in both Norway and Denmark, and the ferries […]

Ferry sale fires up feud over Fjord1

Norway’s largest ferry company, Fjord1, faces a new wave of conflict after a divided county board in Sogn og Fjordane voted to sell its stake in Fjord1 to Torghatten, a rival transport firm that also owns the regional airline Widerøe. Fjord1’s board chairman, several board members and the ferry company’s chief executive officer responded to the pending […]