Jarlsberg cheesemakers slice through conflict

Norwegian dairy Synnøve Finden has settled its latest legal battle with dominant dairy cooperative Tine. They were quarreling over Tine’s right to use the brand name “Jarlsberg” and it looks like Tine won. Newspaper Nationen reported that both dairies have dropped their compensation claims against the other. Synnøve Finden, however, has also promised not to market or […]

Food giants battle over potato chips

It was crunch time in a Norwegian appeals court this week, as two of Norway’s major food producers, Orkla and Maarud, battled over who has the legal right to call their potato chip products potetgull. Maarud claims it has registered rights to the term, while Orkla maintains it’s a generic description for all “crispy fried slices of […]

Cheesemaker stunned by international prize

Gunnar Waagen from Nordmøre in Norway traveled to the food mecca of San Sebastian, Spain this week simply to taste other cheeses and get some inspiration at the annual World Cheese Awards. The chairman of cheesemaking firm Tingvollost had never attended the awards ceremony before, and was stunned when his small firm’s blue cheese won the equivalent […]

Stordalen defied illness to open EAT

Norwegian doctor and social activist Gunhild Stordalen defied her own doctors’ orders and suspended treatments for her life-threatening illness to open the latest EAT forum on sustainable food production on Monday. Her audience featured royalty, top politicians, business leaders and celebrities like chef Jamie Oliver, all intent on improving food production, quality and distribution. Norway’s Crown […]

Farmers decide to settle with the state

After more than 24 hours of negotiations in overtime, Norway’s largest farmers’ organization finally accepted a sweetened offer from the state that will give them another NOK 350 million in various forms of state support. The package, though, was less than half of what the farmers had demanded. Many had felt the farmers’ demands for […]

Norwegian chef heads for World Championships

Christopher W Davidsen got another taste of success when he won the silver medal in the European Championships this week and qualified to compete at the prestigious Bocuse d’Or in Lyon, France next year. He’s the latest in a string of Norwegian chefs to achieve such international recognition. Chefs from 20 countries took part in […]

State slashes farmers’ demands

Norway’s long-powerful farm lobby got another smack from the conservative government on Wednesday, and the mudslinging has begun. Farmers’ representatives accused the government of “actively reducing the ability to produce food in Norway,” while the government claimed its new offer of state support would still effectively give farmers much bigger pay raises than the vast majority […]

Norwegian products to be made in Sweden

UPDATED: Orkla, the large Norwegian food producer, looks set to shut down some of its local factories and move production to Sweden where it would be cheaper. Labour organizations representing the Norwegian workers are protesting. The board of Orkla Foods Norge has decided to move production from Gimsøy Kloster in Skien to other Orkla factories, with […]

Jarlsberg cheese fight heads for appeals court

A local dairy in Norway isn’t giving up its fight to describe its new cheese as a “jarlsberg-type.” The Synnøve Finden dairy is appealing a court decision that only Norwegian dairy giant Tine, which controls 80 percent of the market, can use the name “Jarlsberg.” The court in Follo, south of Oslo, ruled in favour […]

Michelin stars to shine on tourism

Any restaurant that wins three stars from the Michelin Guide is, according to the guide itself, worthy of travelers making a trip to wherever it’s located, just to eat there. That has boosted the hopes of Oslo tourism officials, after the local restaurant Maaemo won three stars this week and thus stands to become a tourist attraction itself. “This is […]