Lightning storm killed horses

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Damage reports were still emerging after a severe thunder and lightning storm descended on the counties of Trøndelag in central Norway over the weekend. The lightning broke windows, splintered trees and even killed horses.

Researchers at Sintef Energi told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) that they recorded 6,200 lightning bolts on Saturday, compared to around 500 in an otherwise major storm. Never before has such a widespread electric storm hit Trøndelag.

At Stjørdal, a 200-year-old tree was splintered by a lightning bolt, while two horses were found dead in Orkdal. Thousands of homes lost power.

“Normally when warm air comes up from southern Norway it moves over the Dovre Mountains,” Frank Dahlslett of Sintef Energi told NRK. “Then we can get 500 to 600 lightning bolts. This time we’re talking about 10 times that.”

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