Cabin owners still trapped in the mountains

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More than 300 owners of cabins in the mountains of southern Norway remained without road connections heading into the weekend, after torrential rain earlier in the week wiped out their only vehicular access route.

Around 65 owners who were at their cabins (hytter) when the storm hit on Tuesday night remained trapped inside the cabin community. Landslides between Geilo and Ål, and Ål and Hol, wiped out their road along with railroad tracks through the area that closed the main line between Oslo and Bergen.

Cabin owners unable to walk the seven kilometers to the nearest road were thus isolated, while local officials and the Red Cross were working to find solutions.

“We visited the hytte owners last night (Wednesday) and have charted what the various families need,” local Red Cross corps leader Bjørn Fluto told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK). Road repairs were expected to take time.

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