Viking ship sunk near Shetland

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A replica Viking ship known as Dragens Vinge (“The Dragon’s Wing”) has sunk on its way from Norway to the Shetland Islands in Scotland, with seven people needing to be rescued by emergency services.

The boat, built based on methods used in the thirteenth century, left Sandnes in south-west Norway on Monday. But reports of the problems with the boat began in the afternoon, with southern Norwegian authorities picking up its emergency beacon at around 17:00.

Authorities are not clear where the 41 foot long, 1.8 ton boat with square sails has ended up. The boat was built by Einar Borgfjord using 30 fir trees. The seven crew members were being treated at a hospital on the Shetland Islands after their ordeal.

The boat was travelling to the Shetland Islands in order to build up the crew’s experience of using the ship and to collect a new sail.

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