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11.1 C
Saturday, June 15, 2024

Cold front moves in, storm coming

Temperatures are expected to dip way down below the freezing point this week, all over the country, with extremely cold temperatures already recorded in eastern and central Norway. Even the Oslo area was told to brace for around minus-20C, with a new storm due later in the week.

More cold weather and snow were due this week, adding to the snow that came during the weekend. PHOTO: Views and News

Residents of Tynset, in eastern Norway not far from Røros, already could feel the new cold front over the weekend, when temperatures fell to minus-28.1 degrees on Saturday. That was the coldest official temperature registered, and well below the minus-18 recorded at Bardufoss in northern Norway and minus-16.6 at Sandhaugstasjonen on the mountain plateau Hardangervidda.

“In eastern Norway (Østlandet) it will be mostly clear and cold for the next several days,” state meteorologist Inger-Lise Aksautrud told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK). The area was even due to have the coldest temperatures in the country on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday,  down to minus-20 in Oslo and minus-30 in outlying areas.

The weather in Northern Norway was expected to be fairly clear but some snow flurries could fall around Lofoten. Snow was also predicted along the west coast and in southern Norway, but not much.

Around 10 centimeters of new snow fell around Oslo on Saturday, and up to 30 centimeters in other areas around southern Norway. The snow, combined with some foreign-registered trucks lacking snow tires, led to accidents on the E18 highway near Porsgrunn and Skien, in Telemark and on the E16 highway over Sollihøgda, between Oslo and Hønefoss, where an accident forced a temporary closure of the two-lane road in both directions.

Another storm was expected to move in from the Norwegian Sea mid-week and move north. Meteorologists also predicted strong winds and more snow along the southern and western coasts, posing challenges for mountain highways and ferries. Temperatures would rise towards the weekend, with more snow expected from Friday.

Views and News from Norway/Nina Berglund

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