Talks continued in child welfare case

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Norwegian authorities confirmed that negotiations were continuing to find a solution in a child welfare case that’s sparked international media attention, but said no agreement had been reached or affirmed by the court involved.

The case involves two small children, both citizens of India, who were taken from their parents’ home in Stavanger and placed in protective custody last spring. As in all such cases, which are rare in Norway, officials at the child welfare agency Barnevernet wouldn’t say why the children were removed from their parents’ custody. The parents mobilized massive support in India, while the Norwegians have been accused of cultural prejudice and misunderstandings.

The conflict has reached the highest levels of both the Norwegian and Indian governments, and reports from India suggested the children’s uncle would assume custody of the children and take them home. Neither Barnevernet officials nor the attorney for the parents would confirm those reports, but said negotiations were proceeding.

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