Even more landslides in Trøndelag

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The popular Dovrebanen train line between Trondheim and Oslo faced more disruption on Wednesday after another landslide washed out the ground under the tracks. The new landslide also cut off the E6 highway in the same area, while two more slides hit elsewhere.

Emergency crews managed to get the E6 highway between Berkåk and Støren open again Wednesday afternoon, after being blocked by the slides for more than 11 hours. Re-opening the road was important, not least since the train line faces lengthy repairs and passengers were supposed to be carried over the area by bus.

Slides on Monday and Tuesday swept away the tracks’ overhead power lines. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported on Wednesday that around 30 meters of track was now literally hanging in mid-air, after the ground under it was swept away as well.

Even though a total of seven landslides battered Sør-Trøndelag in the course of just one day, set off by rain and rapidly melting snow, no persons, cars or homes were hit by the latest ones that hit during the night.

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