Landowners sue state

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Three landowners in Norway are suing the Norwegian state, claiming compensation for losses they incurred after being prohibited from raising annual rental rates on plots leased out on long-term contracts.

The European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg recently ruled that a Norwegian law preventing landowners from changing the terms of the long-term contracts “breached the property rights” of the landowners.

They’re now filing the equivalent of a class-action lawsuit, meaning all landowners hit by the law now stricken by the European Court can join in for a limited amount of court costs, and with the hopes of winning compensation from the state as well.

The state will likely appeal the Strasbourg decision, but their chances of prevailing are far from certain. The state justice ministry is also considering new measures aimed at addressing the needs of both landowners and the lease-holders who have built homes or holiday homes on leased land.

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