County roads in worse shape than expected

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Complaints have raged for years over the sorry state of Norwegian highways around the country, most of  which are just two lanes and narrow. A new report has confirmed that county roads are in even worse shape than the state highways, and that it will cost as much as NOK 75 billion to make needed improvements.

Newspaper Aftenposten reported this week that tunnels in Hordaland, bridges in Rogaland and sagging road shoulders in Hedmark need more than three-times the investment than expected two years ago, when the state turned over 44,200 kilometers of roads to the counties. Road equipment and environmental measures in Akershus County alone are expected to cost NOK 360 million. Many roads need repaving and Hordaland in western Norway needs NOK 2.5 billion for tunnel repairs.

County officials say it’s impossible for them to foot the bill for the repairs needed after years of poor maintenance by the state. Now the counties are expecting compensation from the state for taking over the roads. Prospects for that remain uncertain. staff