Hot summer brews up beer profits

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Record warm temperatures in Norway all summer long have led to another record, for local breweries. Two of Norway’s biggest, Hansa Borg and Ringnes, were both expecting their strongest summer ever, and crediting the weather.

“This year we had two super months in a row,” Lars Midtgaard, chief executive of Bergen-based Hansa Borg, told local newspaper Bergens Tidende. “We are extremely satisfied with sales in both June and July.”

Increased consumption of Hansa Borg’s beer and soft drinks led to a 15 percent jump in revenues over the same two summer months last year, when Norway was plagued by a lot of rain. Midtgaard said the brewery has never sold so much.

New numbers for consumption and revenues at Oslo-based Ringnes weren’t yet available, but spokesman Nils Gunnar Nirisrud said sales of Ringnes beverages in retail outlets were up around 10 percent from mid-June to mid-July. staff