Poll: Sunday shopping not popular

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A new public opinion poll indicates that a majority of Norwegians oppose loosening up Norwegian law to allow all stores to open for business on Sundays. Only slightly over a quarter of those responding were in favour of Sunday store openings.

The poll, conducted by TNS Gallup for TV2, showed that even most supporters of the political party pushing the hardest to liberalize current law that restricts Sunday openings, the Progress Party, oppose such a measure. Six of 10 Progress Party voters said they didn’t want more stores opening on Sundays.

The poll results didn’t change the views of the Progress Party government minister in charge of agriculture and food, Sylvi Listhaug. She told news bureau NTB that the two government parties have an agreement to allow Sunday openings and will continue to push for that. She noted there also was opposition to Sunday openings in Denmark before the law was liberalized there.

newsinenglish.no staff