Stalled train leaves passengers freezing

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The main rail line between Oslo and Kristiansand, called Sørlandsbanen, was blocked on Wednesday after a train broke down in extremely cold weather at Herefoss in Birkenes township. Passengers had to be evacuated in temperatures dipping down to minus-26C.

Officials at state railway NSB think the extreme cold caused problems for the train. It certainly did for passengers, after the stalled train quickly became cold and then intolerably so. NSB handed out special emergency blankets to passengers, who already were bundled up in their coats and scarves, but later decided to evacuate.

Officials at state railroad agency Jernbaneverket warned of delays on the line throughout the day. Two locomotives were on their way to remove the stalled train that blocked the line at Herefoss. Passengers were sent on to Oslo, but some opted to take a bus back to Kristiansand. staff