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Monday, June 17, 2024

Animal rights advocates bash dog-killer’s sentence

The case of a drowned dog named Lucas has shaken Norwegians and raised hopes that prosecutors would seek firm punishment for the dog’s owner, who tied Lucas to a cement pipe and threw them both off a bridge in Moss, south of Oslo. Many were disappointed when the prosecution sought a prison term of 10 months, much less than expected.

“If the punishment is meant to discourage this kind of animal cruelty, then it should be of a considerable length,” prosecutor Hans Tore Høviskeland said, clearly believing 10 months is lengthy enough. He also had noted that the case will “set a standard” for sentences under Norway’s new animal rights law.

Siri Marthinsen of the animal right organization NOAH was disappointed, arguing that 10 months wasn’t long enough.”I hope and believe the sentence will be raised,” Marthinsen told newspaper Dagsavisen.

Live Kleveland of another animal right group, Dyrevernalliansen, was also disappointed and hopes for a sentence of “around two years” in prison.

The defense attorney for Lucas’ owner said his client needed to rid himself of the dog to cut costs, and thought throwing him off the bridge would be the most humane. “The injuries to the dog indicate it was unconscious when it hit the water,” Even Rønvik said. “In that case, its suffering was short.” He also argued for a shorter sentence, since his client “already has been subject to harassment and hate.” staff



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