Missing paddlers found in Reisadalen

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Police mounted a major search and rescue operation Thursday in Reisadalen, the remote valley in Northern Norway not far from Storsletta, after reports that several canoes had overturned in the flooded valley’s river. All 10 paddlers including two reported missing were later found alive and well.

The Reisaelva river had risen by nearly two meters in depth in recent days because of heavy rain. That made it risky to paddle in canoes or other boats, which are the only transport mode in large portions of the valley leading into a national park.

The area not only lacks roads but also mobile phone coverage, making it difficult to communicate with the group of paddlers in distress. They were ultimately located by helicopters sent into the area and the two missing were found to have ditched their canoe and were attempting to hike back to where their car was parked.

“We have just confirmed contact with the two, and they are okay,” operations leader Morten Augensen told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK).

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