Portions of new border fence may be torn down

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A controversial fence being erected on either side of Norway’s border crossing to Russia at Storskog in Finnmark has run into more trouble. Authorities now contend it’s a few centimeters too close to Russia, and may need to be torn down and rebuilt.

The Independent Barents Observer reported Monday that no more work will be done on the fence, which has upset some local officials, until more measurements are made. The fence was supposed to be finished before winter, when the ground will freeze.

On Friday, the Norwegian border commissioner discovered that the fence may violate an agreement calling for no barriers within a four-meter-wide zone along the actual border. The fence may nonetheless have encroached on that by a few centimeters.

That raised concerns it would need to be torn down and rebuilt. The Russians have so far not complained.

For more on the story, see the Independent Barents Observer’s story here (external link).

newsinenglish.no staff