Flood victims lack power and water

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After being inundated with water from heavy rain and flooding, residents of Utvik  in the county of Sogn og Fjordane face being without fresh water in their homes for several days. They also lack power, but the local utility company was trying to deliver electricity from emergency generators.

Stryn Energi was working to come up with at least a temporary source of power for roughly 200 homes in the area hardest hit by flash flooding Sunday and Monday. Officials admit it “will take some time” before permanent sources of power can be supplied.

The flooding and landslides on hilly terrain above the fjord at Utvik tore down power lines and underground cables, leaving gaping craters in the landscape. The flooding also washed out both roads in and out of Utvik and local bridges, making it even more difficult for repair crews to reach the stricken community. Food and fresh water supplies were being sent to Utvik by boat.

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